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Wakazoo – Joined Club Penguin

wakazooWho am I? My name is Hendra, I joined Club Penguin March 2016 and my nickname is Wakazoo.

I started clubpenguin.tips because a lot of my friends who has just started playing club penguin went online to search for club penguin walkthrough. While there’s a lot of Club Penguin walkthrough online, I feel they are to be a bit scattered and not really organized. You can check our Club Penguin Walkthrough here

I though, this site could help them out to quickly going through missions, becoming secret agent, collecting bandana, pins and who knows maybe it can help you too šŸ™‚

I might be late coming to party, since club penguin was created years ago as PC games, but with updates, new missions and since it’s now available as mobile game (available on google playstore and ios appstore), I think this game has potential to get more fans in years to come!

About Disney’s Club Penguin

In 2000’s a company named New Horizon Interactive developed MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that was targeted for children, the game was called Club Penguin. Click here to go to the Official Site.


Following the success in the mid 2000-s, the game and developer then purchased by Disney, and the number of players has growing exponentially and got more popularity since then.

What special about the game is, it gave youngster access to a virtual world where they can take part in range of activities, play games, solving puzzle and interact with other players from many part of the world online.

Like any MMOG games online, to make it interesting, the developers has created a lot of addons like clothes, equipment, tools that your penguin can wear and use. These addons can help your penguin looks cool!

However, to get those equipment you’ll need resources, one of these is coins. On this page, you will find a list of codes that we’ve gathered some were tested and did give us thousands of coins for free. Some will also give you clothing and equipment as well.

Club Penguin Servers

According the official website, the game has got 7+ Million Downloads, which translate to 7+ Million device has ClubPenguin game installed. According to the wikia there are currently over 380 Servers hosting the game! 155 English Servers, 67 Portuguese Servers, 44 Frenc, 97 Spanish, 12 German and 5 Russian.

There are even private servers run by small group of developers called CPPS. Which was found 0n 2011, with a goal was to provide a safe environment for users of the Club Penguin community to play in. It says it now has 2 million users party and over 600 players online daily. Now that’s a lot of players if you ask me! Check out CPPS.me if you want to experience playing on private servers

Club Penguin Updates

For me, what’s interesting about Club Penguin are, it’s number of user base who plays the game actively, and of course: the updates! Updates are delivered each month, which translated new adventure awaits daily. More quest, more items provided.

From ninja battles to fashion shows, it is undoubtly has made CP a game with one of the best virtual world. You can become anything and do everything. Go, open your map and explore the island, join the latest party, meet and chat with friends, play games, adopt and care for pet puffles, visit and Like friends’ igloos, and more. With Disney’s name in tact, you can bet Club Penguin means fun for kids and peace of mind for parents.

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